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On June 5th, we teamed up with Paisano's Butcher Shop and Greenberg's Bagels in Brooklyn, New York to celebrate our new look and 100% post-consumer paper cartons by giving away literally thousands of Certified Humane Nature's Yoke Free-Range Legacy Eggs at the two locations.

In fact, by the end of the day, we had handed out 3,600 cartons of eggs (that's 43,200 individual eggs!).

Everyone in New York was great and they had lots of questions about our eggs and what we were up to. The question we heard most often made our day:

"You mean FREE? Like nothing?"

Watch our short video to see all the fun we had we had:

We loved surprising New Yorkers and it was clear we made their day too! The best part for us was getting to meet new people and make new friends.

Man Giving Natures Yoke The Love You GestureAfter all, that's what Nature's Yoke is all about — connecting with others to celebrate and share what matters most.

In this case, it was celebration of free-range hens, our small family farms, the team at Paisanos who helped us hand out all the eggs, the people at Greenberg's who now (for the second time) invited us to give out eggs in front of their shop and the team from Nature's Yoke that made the 5 hour trip to get to Brooklyn.

We think we might now be New York's favorite egg — and we couldn't be more happy!

Our gratitude especially to everyone who came out to get their free cartons of eggs, ask questions and spend time with us — you all are examples of what we mean when we say: Life, Love, Latitude — Savor It!

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